Question Description

You will write a 3-5 page paper (double-spaced, 12 pt font, 1” margins, APA citations). You are required to use two sources, only one can be a website.

  1. Speech. Find a news story that relates to and/or impacts First Amendment Freedoms, such as freedom of speech. You might start by thinking of a topic or theme that affects freedom of speech, such as music, art, and political opinions. Find a news story that relates to your topic/theme on free speech. Answer questions 1-6 below and cite your sources.

Ideas: Athletes taking a knee during anthem; using the n-word/profanity in music; white supremacists speaking at public colleges; social media companies moderating content

Newspaper Resource:

2. The Pledge. Why and when was the phrase “Under God” added to the pledge of allegiance? Does it violate the First Amendment’s clause that the US would not establish any religion? Also answer the questions below and cite your sources.

3. The Parade. The city of San Mateo has rejected an application from the local chapter of the KKK to participate in the July 4th parade. Defend the KKK’s right to assemble and be included in their city’s parade and answer the questions below and cite your sources.


  1. What are the First Amendment issues in this story?
  2. Is the First Amendment Freedom being exercised or threatened?
  3. Does someone in the story feel their free speech rights are threatened or violated? Why? How? By whom?
  4. Do the issues have any historical connection? Summarize any court cases about the issue. (cite sources)
  5. In light of the First Amendment, do you agree or disagree that someone’s rights are threatened? Basically, what is your own opinion about the issue?
  6. Why does the American press cover these types of stories? Should they? What help or harm can result from such news stories?

Use TWO sources (only one can be online). Cite sources using APA citation.