The format for the assignment should be double space, left justified, 12 font. No need for a copy of any images.

Font: use any standard readable font such as Times New Roman.

Word length: the word length does not include quotes, in-text references or the Reference List. There is a 10% leeway allowed.


Referencing must follow the Harvard style system, as set out in the Griffith Faculty of Arts Guide to Referencing (available from Course Content).

Once having referenced a concept, you do not need to keep referencing it.

Always supply a page number for any in-text reference, unless the reference is to a book or article in general (a rare occurrence).

Always locate your in-text reference directly adjacent to the concept you are referencing. Do not leave it until the end of a paragraph. This is often misleading, and makes it difficult for the reader to identify exactly what the reference is referring to.

Do not place an in-text reference beside the mention of an author’s name, but after the actual quote or concept being referenced.

**Always place words and passages quoted from sources in quotation marks, followed by a reference including the page number**

Book titles are in italic, not quotation marks.

Article titles are in quotation marks, not italic.

Do not italicise quotes, but place them in quotation marks or indent for quotes 3 lines or longer.

Your assignment must include a Reference List but no Bibliography.

Reference List entries must follow the Referencing Guide.

Entries for books must be the full publication detail and nothing more. Do not include specific chapters or page numbers (even if that is all you have accessed).

Do not include cut and pasted URL strings. Follow the guidelines in the Reference Guide and if required, type in the URL address to the main page of the journal (URL addresses to be provided only for articles published exclusively on line).



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Volkswagen, Harper’s Bazaar, Jan/Feb 2012, p. 71.

‘Guilty’, Gucci, Marie Claire, No. 246, November 2016. p. 41.