Your  major project  is a full-scale, formal analytical Career Exploration  Business Report.  Each week, we will master components of the full  report so that you will be prepared for the larger submission.

The Research  Report is worth 150 points and must be completed with a minimum score  of 75 points (50%) in order to earn a course grade of C or higher.

We have been building on this report  since Week 1 of this term. The format of the business report  can be  found in Chapter 13, page 421 of your textbook.

The documents below will ensure you are on the right path:

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Reminder:  Research Report must be completed with a minimum score of 75 points (50%) in order to earn a course grade of C or higher. 

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Research Report      Research Report     Criteria Ratings        Pts              This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Secondary Sources (3 required) Second-Hand Information: Library Research—published material—annual reports, etc. –              6.0                    pts                  Excellent Student has three required published sources that are current and legitimate.         2.0                    pts                  Adequate Two published sources that are up-to-date         0.0                    pts                  Deficient Published sources are non-existent, lack legitimacy, are not current or missing.         6.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Primary Methods (1 method required) First-Hand Information – survey/questionnaire or interview(s)              6.0                    pts                  Excellent Primary research conducted as shown with survey, interview questions, or observation criteria.         1.0                    pts                  Adequate Limited primary research. Lacking 30 responses, three interviews, or thorough criteria.         0.0                    pts                  Deficient Primary research was not conducted.         6.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Title Page – Lists Title, Prepared for, Prepared by, Date Submitted              4.0                    pts                  Excellent Title page includes title of paper, prepared for, prepared by, date.         0.0                    pts                  Deficient Title page is missing one or more of the required attributes.         4.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Letter/Memo of Transmittal – direct approach, brief highlight of important data, thank you, contact information,              9.0                    pts                  Excellent Letter  of Transmittal is written directly and is appropriately formatted. Is  written directly, includes project highlights, author observations,  and/or thoughtful feedback and suggestions about the project.   Includes thank you and contact information. The memo is appropriate  formatted.         5.0                    pts                  Accomplished Organizational  plan of letter is not direct but includes project highlights, author  observations, and/or thoughtful feedback and suggestions about the  project. The format of the memo lacks one or two of the required  elements.         0.0                    pts                  Deficient Format and content are lacking multiple requirements or there is no Memo of Transmittal.         9.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Table of Contents – Listing all headings and page numbers (appropriate format)              4.0                    pts                  Excellent Table  of Contents includes headings and subheadings, ellipses, and  appropriate page numbering…prefatory pages have lower case Roman  numerals, other pages are numbered appropriately.         0.0                    pts                  Deficient The Table of Contents is inappropriately formatted or missing entirely.         4.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Executive Summary – purpose clearly stated, secondary and primary highlights clearly identified, conclusion/recommendations              10.0                    pts                  Excellent The  Executive Summary includes a clear statement of purpose along with  appropriately identified highlights of the secondary and primary  research. It is accurately formatted (single spaced paragraphs with one  blank space between paragraphs). Includes a clear, well-developed  summary and/or conclusion based on the research.         5.0                    pts                  Adequate Statement  of purpose is unclear. Although mentioned, research highlights are not  clearly identified as to whether they come from primary or secondary  sources. Format does not follow the instructions.         0.0                    pts                  Deficient Lacking multiple requirements or missing executive summary.         10.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Introduction – Attention-getting opening, clear statement of purpose, scope & procedures (secondary/primary)              10.0                    pts                  Excellent Includes  an attention-getting opening that is interesting and grabs the reader’s  attention…tells a story, cites a statistic, and/or shares a quote.   Includes a clear statement of purpose, the scope of the research, and  accurately identifies major published sources that are also reflected in  the Works Cited. Limitations of the research are included.   The method of primary research used is clearly and thoroughly  explained…indicates number of questions, types of questions,  number  of responses, and something about respondents.   Report organization is included which describes for the reader what  follows.         5.0                    pts                  Adequate Introduction is missing one or two of the required elements (scope, limitations, sources, methods, report organization).         0.0                    pts                  Deficient Introduction is missing three or four of the required elements.         10.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  BODY TEXT – THOROUGH  DISCUSSION OF BLENDED RESEARCH FINDINGS – 6-8 pages in length,  double-spaced, size 12 font, cite any information quoted, paraphrased,  summarized.Topic headings and subheadings are descriptive, concise,  parallel, consistent, and formatted appropriately              30.0                    pts                  Excellent Body  analysis is six to eight pages in length and follows the appropriate  formatting guidelines (double-spaced with headings and subheadings that  are appropriate formatted and included in the Table of Contents).  There is a thorough, blended discussion of both primary and secondary  findings with appropriate citations of secondary and primary sources –  wich are properly and accurately formatted adhering to MLA requirements.     Research is developed with support and explanation of ideas using  appropriate, relevant, objective evidence with supportive specific  details and clear explanations.   The findings are thoroughly discussed and maintain a unified focus on  the purpose and scope as presented in the introduction. There is a fluid  order and effective transitions from concept to concept (topic sentence  to topic sentence/paragraph to paragraph).  Published sources are accurately represented. Primary research is  clearly identified and includes appropriate citations.  Topic headings and subheadings are descriptive, concise, parallel,  consistent, and formatted appropriately         21.0                    pts                  Adequate Body  analysis includes some discussion but needs to be more thoroughly  blended.  Development of topic with support and explanation of ideas is  limited. Needs to be more objective with supporting details and  explanations that reference published sources. Need to more thoroughly  blend the research from published sources and primary research. Some  transitions but could use more effective transitions from one concept to  the next.  Topic headings and subheadings are missing one or two elements.         15.0                    pts                  Poor Very  little blended discussion of documented research with primary research  findings. Missing properly formatted in-text citations on information  that either comes from published sources or from primary research. Very  little interpretation of the material from sources. Few, if any,  transitions from concept to concept. Topic headings and subheadings are  missing elements.         5.0                    pts                  Deficient There  is no references to published sources…missing any blended discussion  of primary and secondary research. Discussion of topic is missing  critical interpretation and thinking about the topic. There is no  support or explanation of ideas, inappropriate, irrelevant, and/or  subjective evidence with little or no supporting details/explanations.  Writing lacks unified focus, effective transitions from concept to  concept. Topic headings and subheadings are missing elements.         30.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Summary and Conclusion/Recommendations…based on primary AND secondary information…includes NO new information              10.0                    pts                  Excellent Summary  discussion clearly represents findings from research…both primary and  secondary information. Uses effective conclusion strategy, leaves a  strong impact on the reader. Clearly provides a recap of information  presented in the paper highlighting main points and informative  interpretation of findings. Includes no new information.         5.0                    pts                  Adequate Research  topic is summarized but lacks thorough conclusion based on research  findings. Impact on reader could be more thoughtful and  thought-provoking. Includes some new information.         0.0                    pts                  Deficient Discussion  is poorly summarized and lacks effective strategy which clearly  references research findings or paper does not close with summary of  findings         10.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Works Cited Page –  MLA formatting required, single space each entry, double space between  entries, include entry to reflect primary research, must be current.              10.0                    pts                  Excellent MLA  formatting accurately displayed in list of Works Cited. Follow  direction with single-spaced entries and double space between entries.   Includes entry reflecting primary research. Entries are presented in  accurate alphabetic order, and formatted according to MLA. There are at  least three published sources that reflect current library or internet  sources. Sources are dated within three years of submission date.         5.0                    pts                  Adequate Works  cited adheres to MLA formatting requirements. One source exceeds date  requirements for this project. Entry reflecting primary research is  included but is not thoroughly and accurately presented.         0.0                    pts                  Deficient Incomplete, inaccurate, dated, formatting is not MLA         10.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Appendix to include a blank copy of the primary research instrument, tallied results, graded work plan              6.0                    pts                  Excellent A  blank copy of the primary research is included along with a tally of  the primary research findings. The tally results are presented as both  #s and %s. A clear analysis of the findings has been conducted.         5.0                    pts                  Adequate One  required piece of the Appendix is missing…either the blank copy of  the primary research or the tallied results. Limited analysis of the  primary research findings.         3.0                    pts                  Poor Primary research is questionable and the formatting of the completed survey and/or the tallied results lacks professionalism.         0.0                    pts                  Deficient A blank copy of the primary research as well as the tallied results are missing.         6.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  A graphic (chart)  developed by you and based on your primary research, thoroughly  discussed, placed in body, referenced in paragraph. Appropriately titled  and formatted.              18.0                    pts                  Excellent There  is at least one chart, thoroughly discussed, placed in the body of the  report, properly reference in the paragraph, based on primary  information. The chart is clearly the best information from the primary  research that requires additional attention.  A source line indicating where the information comes from is included  with the chart and is properly formatted.         14.0                    pts                  Adequate A chart is included but the discussion of the chart/research findings is limited.  Chart is missing one or two of the required elements…title, labels, source line         0.0                    pts                  Deficient Chart is lacking several required design elements or chart is missing.         18.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  MLA Reference  Citations – parenthetical in body, quotes, paraphrases, and summaries.  Minimum of five,  but may have many more. All appropriate information  should be cited.              15.0                    pts                  Excellent Parenthetical,  in-text citations are included in the body text of the research paper.  MLA reference citations are accurately and appropriately reflected  within the research paper. Citations reflected include quotes,  paraphrases, and summaries.   There are a minimum of five citations. However, all published  information is appropriately and accurately represented through the  project.         8.0                    pts                  Adequate There  are four parenthetical, in-text citations…five required. Formatting  of in-text citations is incorrectly or inaccurately displayed.         0.0                    pts                  Deficient There are fewer than four in-text citations throughout the body of the research paper.         15.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome  Writing Style –  grammar, spelling punctuation, sentence structure, coherence, paragraph  organization, use of transitional words and phrases              12.0                    pts                  Excellent Writing  style reflects that which is expected of a college-level student. There  are one or fewer of the following mechanical errors.    Grammar……spelling….punctuation…..sentence structure…coherence,  paragraph organization (indented paragraphs), and appropriate use of  transitional words and phrases.         7.0                    pts                  Adequate There are two or fewer mechanical errors.         4.0                    pts                   Three or four errors         0.0                    pts                  Deficient There are five or more errors.         12.0 pts