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Congratulations; you have reached Week 8! Getting to the final week of COMM120 is a great achievement and you should be proud. For this week’s forum, please answer Parts I and II but you do not have to answer every single question.

Part I: Reflection

Reflect on your use of the Big6 Research Model.

What step was the most challenging? How did you overcome the challenge?

  • Using the steps in the Big 6 Research Model, consider your process of locating sources, categorizing, organizing, critiquing, and presenting information for the project. What worked well for you?
  • Part II: Connecting to Career
  • How will you use information and digital literacy in your place of work and future career?

How will you sustain your new knowledge in order to support your career goals?

Why is civility important at your place of work and in politics?

  • Optional: Finally, create a Tweet of up to 280 characters and a hashtag that communicates your reflection (you do not have to post this on Twitter).
  • Classmate#1:
  • Part 1

Overall, I enjoyed using the Big6 Research model. It was challenging at times, especially with learning a new skill and putting it into use. Although it was challenging, I still enjoyed it because it was a valuable skill to learn, and I know it will help me throughout my academics and my future career. The step that was the most challenging to me was evaluating my sources. Sometimes it was hard for me to find information on my source’s credibility, which lead me to look for more reliable ones. That was how I overcame it for the most part, and in the process, I learned more about my topic.

Part 2

The main thing I feel that I will use most is specifically the Big6 Model because after studying it, I have learned a more structured and systematic way of finding appropriate information on a topic, synthesizing it, and communicating it. More specifically, I will most likely use the critiquing sources part the most for my intelligence work in the future. I know that finding reliable sources to disseminate information in the intelligence field is an integral part of the career I am pursuing. I will sustain my new knowledge by referring to the notes I have taken throughout this course and utilizing them in my practices to ensure accuracy. Civility is important in my place of work and in politics because without it, there would be a lot of wasted time arguing and exchanging negative actions that aren’t productive in the workplace or politics. Global/Intercultural fluency is also something I will practice within my career approach in order to remain civil with my communication with other coworkers, superiors, and anyone I come into contact with during work, in order to perform my job well.

Classmate #2:

The Big 6 Research Model definitely helped me put my research process in order which made the research process easier for me.  Also, I found this course to be very helpful when making important decisions on how to research subjects and exactly where to find them.  Locating scholarly sources as well as credible sources are not always easy due to the overload of information on the internet in these days.  That is why the Big 6 Research model was very helpful.  In text citation is a challenge for me because I tend to forget to insert proper citations which take off points off of my paper.  Organizing, critiquing, and presenting information all came together wonderfully for me on this project for last week as I enjoyed putting it together.  Organization was the key to successfully completing it which is a part of the Big 6 Research Model.

I will use information and digital literacy in my future career by researching information before giving a educated conclusion or solution to the situation.  Digital literacy has shown me so much information is out there, but it doesn’t mean that the information is factual.  I will sustain my new knowledge in order to support my goals by making notes of important things that I learned in this course and making sure that I apply it to each concept of my career if possible. Civility is very important at the workplace because no one can work in dysfunction and rude places of employment with an open co-worker setting.