1. COMPARE CREDIT CARDS – Create a table that shows the following information for at least 3 credit cards: grace period, interest rate, annual fee, over-the-limit fee, late fee, cash advance interest rate/fees, and transfer interest rate (10 points). In a one page paper discuss your needs for a credit card, which card best fits your needs, and why. State which one you would choose (10 points), or

2. BUYING VS. LEASING – Compare the same car (or very similar cars) when purchased or leased. Create a table that shows the cost to get into the car, monthly payments, total cost, end result (added fees, car equity, etc.) for both purchasing and leasing (10 points). Write a one page paper discussing the leasing terms and the loan terms. Discuss which option you would choose and why (10 points), or

3. INSURANCE – Choose one type of insurance (auto, home, health, disability or life insurance). Compare at least 2 different insurance companies. Create a table that shows premiums and coverage (compare several different items covered) (10 points). Write a one page paper discussing what type and amount of coverage you need. Discuss which one you would choose and why (10 points), or

4. HOME OWNERSHIP – Complete and turn in the “How Much House Can You Afford” form. Call 2 mortgage companies and ask what the current interest rate is for a 30 year fixed mortgage (call on the same day). Use one of those rates for the worksheet (6 points). When you find the amount that you qualify for, look in the newspaper or on the Internet for homes in that price range. Attach the advertisement to your assignment (4 points). Write a one page paper discussing what you learned about your situation, what interest rate was used, what homes were available, and which, if any, you might choose (10 points), or

5. HOME INVENTORY – Complete a home inventory. Create a table with the following information for each item: date of purchase, amount, model number and any other important information (20 points). *Do not do this assignment if you have less than 10 major items to inventory. Also, do NOT send pictures with your file. The file will be too big, or

6. STEP-DOWN-PRINCIPLE – For one month use the SDP to reduce expenses. While keeping track of expenses, keep track of times when you consciously used the SDP. You must have at least 5 different times and 5 different items. Create a table that shows the following three things for each purchase: what you would have spent without using the SDP, what you did spend using it, and the difference between the two (10 points). Total the amount saved for the month. Write a one page paper discussing how much you saved (10 points). What did you learn? Will you continue using the SDP? Or

7. MAJOR APPLIANCE – Pick a major appliance or electronic item such as washer, refrigerator, television, computer, etc. Find and turn in a consumer report articleabout the appliance (4 points). You can get a Consumer Reports article by following these steps: Click on this link: http://xz6kg9rb2j.search.serialssolutions.com/?V=1.0&L=XZ6KG9RB2J&S=JCs&C=CONSREPBUG&T=marc (Links to an external site.)

Click on “MasterFILE Complete” and then click on “Search within this publication”. Leave JN “Consumer Reports Buying Guide” on the top line. Enter your item on the second line. If something comes up, you can then click on the PDF full text link.

Go to at least 3 stores and compare prices and features of comparable models. Create atable that shows the prices and several features for each appliance (6 points). In a one page paper discuss what you learned from the consumer report and which appliance you would buy (10 points), or

8. FINANCIAL FILE – create your own personal financial file. You must have at least the following 6 files: 1 – personal information (SS card, birth certificate, immunization record, etc.), 2 – financial statements (put the worksheets from the Financial Checkup in here as well as your credit history and SS benefit statement), 3 – debt or loans, 4 – checking or savings accounts, 5 – insurance, and 6 – taxes. You may add any additional files you would like, but include all of the mentioned files even if you currently have no information for that file. You will not get full points unless you have all 6 required files. You must bring your file to the instructor’s or TA’s office hours to be graded

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