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Respond to: Calvin

The registered justification of current left-wing elements is that they are present because fascism is present. As stated in the course work, “Antifa’s protest methods are often violent, and local leaders admit they’re willing to physically attack anyone who employs violence against them or who ‘condones racism’” (AMU, 2019). These hapless souls have no idea what real fascism is, so they must invent it and magnify anything that is counter to their unsustainable societal views. I would delve further into their self-manifested ‘ideology’ but it is simple foolishness which centers around a poorly excused reasoning to do violence because of fictitious ‘bullies’ and fantasy episodes spun around the current president. The latter is mostly the rallying call that these weak-minded pack-oriented terrorists endorse and believe. It gained steam after President Trump didn’t pick up their blind zeal and persecute the extreme right-wing elements at the 2017 Charlottesville clash. Someone in power didn’t carry their nonsensical reasoning or espouse their viewpoint to justify committing violence, so now he is dubbed “racist”, “fascist”, etc, etc. This is what happens when everyone gets a trophy growing up and there is this fictitious belief nurtured into the tender hearted that everyone cares what YOU have to say and if there is a problem, it is NEVER your fault, it is someone else’s. This is what happens. The president called the left and the right factions that were present out for what they were that day. Citizens that were courageous, honorable, and exercising their rights, but intermixed with some nefarious elements who were intent on “hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides” (Taylor, 2019). The last part was the trigger phrase that made liberal heads explode. How dare the current president not prematurely jump to side with the left’s twisted logic? How dare he not be ignorant and blind like the last president who lamented over a two bit thug as “if I had a son…..” How dare he? How dare he use caution and reason! Because the President does not delve into community level issues unless it becomes regional and affects the nation. The lesser is the job of the states. You know, the states rights everyone talks of but rarely clamors for unless things are not going their way? I digress.

So, the president called out the Charlottesville incident for what it was, right-wing protests aimed at an increasingly out of control left-wing initiative to tear America apart. This built to utter ridiculousness as they rode on the back of feckless liberal politicians desperate to secure as many votes as possible before the twilight of America’s “firsty” president came to a close. The twilight ushed in a new wave of accountability, cessation of ill-gotten benefits, and reality. This category mostly affects Antifa acolytes who are protesting adulthood, jobs, responsibility, and reality by labeling everything they don’t like as “racist”. This platform gives them justification to turn a peaceful protest into a melee because they are fighting Neo-Nazis, Skinheads and KKK demonstrators. But guess what, the Alt-Right has just as much right to be on the street yelling their equally ridiculous saying and slogans. Why would you get upset over a bunch of low rent ideology that really has no traction? Because you have nothing else to do in life. The alt left is not ‘fighting’ anything, they are just purely fighting, a fight that mind you 9/10 times does not end in their favor.

Lastly, I know the posting criteria said pick one left wing group, but I cannot resist how the reading this week spoke of the black nationalist movements. I would not categorize them as left, but rather right. They espouse the same platform as the KKK and associated ilk, but they are black (well, most of them are). Nationalism is nationalism, just as racism is racism, and fascism is fascism. Pinning a color or race to an ideological stance is ill-conceived. The NOI and Black Panthers are just like the KKK and neo-Nazi movements. Though their reasoning is curious. They bemoan the federal government as racist slavemasters, yet they engross themselves in activities to defraud the government of welfare, subsidies and other revenue. They complain and stomp around demanding a new nation, yet there is plenty of land in Montana, Idaho, and elsewhere where they could buy and start a compound, er, “new nation” just like the Noe-Nazis did in Idaho (Breitbart, 2016). However, the catch is, if they did that then they would remove themselves from the umbrella of protection the liberal city centers give them to act like fools. They would also be removing themselves from their welfare cash and freeloading societal cradle that has been spun for them in turn for votes each election. No, they will not move to Africa or Canada either. Anyone ever wonder why? Because all the places I mentioned do not endorse freeloading lunacy. The states I mentioned, people actually work, there is little mass welfare, and there would be no fanfare that they enjoy in the middle of Times Square or main street in Philadelphia. They will not go to Canada either because they would get apprehended just like the waves of Somalian exiles did when they vacated Minnesota. Nor will they go back to Africa either as they all ‘dream about’ and preach about, because they know what African blacks think of American blacks; a real and brutal lesson in racism that the NOI really does not want to broadcast.

In closing, the violence from Antifa is just violence for the sake of violence with no direction. Not even close in scope to the Weathermen of the ‘70’s nor their murderous intentions towards society. They are just punks who like to cause trouble and get in a fight with an opponent they cannot win against, mostly so they can whine about that too. On the other hand, the Black Panthers are more of a right-wing entity than anything else, in all capacities and their violence is usually centered around killing everything that is not black. This primitive mentality is not shocking, for it is exactly what has been going on in their motherland for eons, tribal extinction via warfare resulting in long sleeve, short sleeve, or slavery (Onishi, 1999). The only difference is that the Black Panther party knows it cannot win a fight against America as a whole, so it targets a very small subset (police officers) and call it a victory. Ambushing police officers is not heroic, nor will it “free them from the white devil by killing some crackers” (SPLC, 2019). That activity will only land them in jail and feed the very statistics they claim are, you guessed it, racist. Thank you all, it has been a good run. Now on to an elective before the capstone which will precipitate Elvis leaving the building! (at least at AMU).


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