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Art Unit VI Discussion Board Question (VC)

If you had lived somewhere on the American continents in 700-1000 C.E., which culture would you have wanted to belong to? State the name of the culture and which of their beliefs or activities led you to choose that culture. Did their arts play a part in your decision?

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I have always had a fascination with the Mayan culture, mainly because of the elaborate mega structures they are known for. The culture itself interests me because of their innovation and architecture, however the religious sacrifice i could live without. I truly think to be a part of that culture and time would be amazing, the knowledge and skills that the civilization must have had is amazing. To create such amazing structures, art works, drawings, and sculptures that have lasted for so long is a true testament to the dedication they had.

ART Unit VII BoardQuestion

Unit VII Discussion Board Question

What role did women play in Renaissance and Baroque art? In what ways have things changed and what challenges do you think that women might or might not face today?
If you would like to study this concept further, consider visiting the National Museum of Women in the Arts website listed under the Suggested Readings.

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I believe women in the Renaissance and Baroque era were viewed and displayed in art of more of a soft and sexual presence. Over time with the influences of women’s rights and women in the arts, I think it it has been realized since that time that women are way more than that. I believe women are seen different in society and the work force than they were previously. With social media and so many ways to contact people now the problem of exploiting women is still there. Sex trafficking is a huge issue now with young girls and women disappearing all the time.

HY 1110 (SZC)

In Unit VI, we see the rise of a strong middle class. How does the middle class of Jackson’s America compare to today’s middle class?

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The 19th century saw the first divide in economic status class with the Economic Elite or Upper Class, the Middle Class, and the Working Class or the Lower Class. These classes were all truly based on the value of your net worth. The middle class of Jackson’s America and today’s middle class America share many similar viewpoints. Though several things differ due to the times and what our modern views on middle class are.

In Jackson’s America the middle class valued cleanliness, discipline, morality, hard work, education, and good manners. In addition they were fairly educated, sought higher means of learning, and useful life skills. I think this compares fairly with today’s middle class. To be middle class in America today, there is a basis of salary and education. The education aides in determining your future pay, which in turn, determines your economic status Like the preceding middle class, modern day middle class value being able to afford education, cleanliness, and some valued life commodities; these include life skills, where unlike many upper class, the middle class places more value on doing things themselves (home repairs, auto repairs, etc). Additionally, the middle class is likely to be less likely to afford luxuries like butlers or maids, but again, do it themselves. Even similarities to the past as in limiting the number of children can be seen today. Today’s middle class may not have children at all or have only a few children because of cost and the time spent raising them, as children are not able to contribute monetarily to the household.

Some significant differences have developed since Jackson’s middle class. For instance in that time women did not work; as for modern middle class it would not be impossible for a woman not to work and raise the children, but this likely would be very limited and possibly short lived. For many, this just is not a sound financial decision or option. Another difference is the actual size of the class. In the past the middle class was just emerging and not as prominent the elites and the lower/working class citizens. Now the middle class makes up the majority of our country. Jackson’s middle class also appeared to take to abstinence when it came to alcohol. That differs largely from modern times, as the middle class is the largest consumer of alcoholic beverages in America.