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Analyze your audience? (p. 470)Determine your purpose? (p. 470)Identify the questions that need to be answered? (p. 471)Carry out the appropriate research? (p. 473)Draw valid conclusions about the results (if appropriate)? (p. 473)Formulate recommendations based on the conclusion (if appropriate)? (p. 474)Does the transmittal letterClearly state the title and, if necessary, the subject and purpose of the report? (p. 479)Clearly state who authorized or commissioned the report? (p. 479)Acknowledge any assistance you received? (p. 479)Establish a courteous and professional tone? (p. 479)Does the cover includeThe title of the report? (p. 479)Your names and positions? (p. 479)The date of the submission? (p. 479)Does the title pageInclude a title that clearly states the subject and purpose of the report? (p. 479)List your names and positions and those you are addressing the report to? (p. 479)Include the date of submission of the report and any other identifying information? (p. 479)Does the abstract (no less than 250 words)List the report title, your names, and any other identifying information? (p. 479)Clearly define the problem or opportunity that led to this project (descriptive)? (p.479)Briefly describe the research methods? ((p. 479)Summarize the major results, conclusions, and recommendations? (p. 480)Does the table of contents (620, 625-630)Contain a sufficiently detailed breakdown of the major sections of the body of the report neatly aligned? (p.481)Reproduce the headings as they appear in the report? (p. 481)Include page numbers? (p. 481)Did you submit a table of contents for the illustrations? (481-483)Does the introduction Explain the subject of the report? (p. 476)Explain the purpose of the report? (p. 477)Explain the background of the report? (p. 477)Describe the sources of information? (p. 477) CHECKLIST FOR FINAL REPORT2Briefly summarize the most significant findings of the project? (p. 477)Briefly summarize your recommendations? (p. 477)Explain the organization of the report? (p. 477)Define key terms used in the report? (p. 477)Does the methods sectionDescribe your methods in sufficient detail? (p. 477)Justify your methods where necessary, explaining for instance, why you chose one method over another? (p. 477)Are the results presentedClearly? (p. 477)Objectively? (p. 477)Without interpretation? (p. 477)Are conclusionsPresented clearly? (p. 478)Drawn logically from the results? (p. 478)Are the recommendations Clear? (478)Objective? (p. 478)In paragraph format? (p. 478)In an appropriate location? (p. 478)* Does the glossary include definitions of technical terms that your readers might not know? (p. 484)* Does the list of symbols include all symbols and abbreviations your readers might not know? (p. 484)* Does the list of references include all sources and adhere to APA format? (p.486)* Does the appendixes including supporting materials that are too bulky to present in the body of the report or are of interest to only a small number of readers? (p. 487)Note #1: Each subsection (individual sections will have a conclusion/recommendation) but there must also be a comprehension recommendation/conclusion for the group report, which explains what is the best option. Or maybe all subsections (individual sections) offer possible solutions and deserve consideration.Note #2: Group reports must include a comprehensive Gantt Chart detailing how the proposed schedule for the work your group proposes. (See sample paper.)Note #3: Each group report must also include a budget. (See sample paper.)Note #4: Do not forget the credentials section listing each person’s credentials. How to Add a Running Head on a Title Page Only in WordA running head is a string of text added to a document’s header on top left side with page numbers on top right. It is often used in academic papers CHECKLIST FOR FINAL REPORT3and short story manuscripts to display the title of the story and the author’s name next to the page number. Typically, a running head appears on every page in the document; however, you can configure Microsoft Word to create a custom running head on the title page of the document only. The process is the same in Word 2007 and Word 2010.Step 1Open your document in Microsoft Word. Make sure you are at the very top of the document, on the title page.Step 2Double-click the top part of the title page. The header editing box will appear.Step 3Click on the Design tab, and then click Different First Page. This allows you to add your running head to the title page only.Step 4Type the desired running head in the header field. Double-click any other area of the document to return to the default view.CHECKLIST FOR FINAL PROPOSAL1. Is the proposal written in 12-point Times New Roman font?2. Did you use double spacing with 1-inch margins?3. Did you number all pages? Page numbers should go in the on far right (RUNNING HEAD on top left; see directions below.)4. Did each person write at least 6-8 FULL pages not counting images, title page, reference list, or any other material?5. Did each person supply at least two visuals with proper labeling (chart, table, photo, etc. AND correct citations directly beneath the image.)?6. Did you include a Gantt chart to outline the schedule of tasks and activities?7. Did you include the budget?8. Did you cite at least 4-6 peer-reviewed references per person