Week 6 Assignment 2 Final Project

Final deliverables consist of three separate documents:

  1. Write a comprehensive analysis of the case study method      and the issues you analyzed. How did you address the managerial      communication issues you learned over the past five weeks?      What do you think are the most difficult communication situations that      managers face, and how will your skills be useful in handling them? What      skills do you need to develop to improve your managerial communication      skills? How do you plan on acquiring these skills?
  2. Write an executive summary that details how the      learning in this course has prepared you to communicate in a constantly      changing work environment. The summary should be at least 500 words long.
  3. Present a short PowerPoint presentation on the above      analysis.

Submit your responses as a single submission that includes all three documents to this Discussion Area to have your peers review the final projects. You can use the Week 6_Assignment 2 template PASTED BELOW ON PAGE 2 OF THIS DOCUMENT for providing the solution. Start reviewing and responding to your classmates as early in the week as possible. You should review and critique the work of at least two other students.


Assignment 2 Grading   Criteria 



Provided a clear and   correctly written executive summary of this term¬ís learning experiences, demonstrating   comprehension of course materials and an understanding of and ability to   produce executive summaries.



Provided an informative,   clearly and correctly written analysis demonstrating a clear understanding of   the important lessons learned using the case analysis method.



Presented a   well-designed, informative PowerPoint presentation that provides added value   by emphasizing the most important points identified in the executive summary   and analysis deliverable.



Presented a structured   report that is free of spelling and grammatical errors and cited sources in   APA format.



Participated in the   discussion with two or more posts by asking a question, providing a statement   of clarification, providing a point of view with rationale, challenging a point   of discussion, or making a relationship between one or more points of the   discussion.