The difference between target marketing and market segmentation. Target marketing targets a specific audience like school clothes which are just for students. The commercial is catered to this audience. Market segmentation identifies people by groups, areas, age, interests, characteristics. In order to sell products.

On moat I picked a levi jean ad it was a target market for men. A man was in the ad wearing the jeans . I could not get the cite number.

The 4 p’s are product, price, place, and promotion.

The advertisement just showed their product and promoted it in the ad

Weigold, H.F. & Ares, W.F. (2018) M. Advertising (3rd ed) New York N.Y. Irwin/ McGraw – Hi


Marketing is strategic in its success which weighs heavily on what it is that you are trying to sell. You what it is that you are trying to market. This can be an object, person or service. You need to answer some questions first; does the product have a benefit? What makes it stand out from the rest? Who is it for? A successful marketing campaign depends if you have all 4 P’s of marketing in your advertisement. The Place, Product, Promotion, and Price.

I have chosen to use a well-known company for my discussion, Mc Donald’s. The famous phrase “I’m lovin’ it” is known by millions across the world. In this ad, the products are clearly placed on the ad that draws attention to what is being sold. In this case, it is a soft drink by Coca Cola sold by McDonald’s. The “Place” is McDonald’s the Price is one dollar for any size drink when sold a la carte. The product takes up a little more than half the ad and the price covers a quarter of the ad, leaving a small section for details and how to learn more. Having what is being sold the first thing that draws the eye ensures it gets noticed. The large price on the top left making it noticeable to the target market. After the basic information is gathered from the ad, where to find it would be the last thing a consumer would want to know. In this case, the McDonald’s logo is set to the bottom left corner. The ad has all four compotes to market McDonald’s dollar soda.


Target marketing is geared towards one specific audience. Market segmentation is geared towards several groups who share similar needs. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

This Little Ceasars advertisement is geared towards a family demographic. Not only does it just come out and say it is for the family, it also shows a large spread of food such as you might see it on a family table. It also has a behavioristic segmentation as being an economical choice. With the slogan of “From our family to yours…” it is giving the feeling that they are just giving it away. This helps draw in those looking for a budget friendly choice to feed their family.

The 4Ps are product, price, place, and promotion.

Product is the most important piece of the marketing. This is the item, either be good or service, that is being offered. Often it shows the way the product is designed, positioned, branded, and packaged.

Price is simply the amount that the good or service is offered for. This can include deals, discounts, terms, warranties, etc. Market demand, cost of making and distributing the product, and competition all determine the price.

Place (Distribution) is how or where the consumer will get the product. Will the product be sold straight from the company (direct distribution), or will it be sold by a retailer or other source (indirect distribution)?

Promotion (communication) is the market communication between the buyer and seller.

In the above advertisement, Little Ceasars has utilized the 4P’s. The product is their food. The advertisement shows a pizza, breadsticks, cheese sticks, and wings. The price is assumed to be within a reasonable range for a family. Place is through direct distribution from Little Ceasars. The promotion element is showing the food in an eye pleasing arrangement that draws the consumer in wanting to order the food.


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Communication and Consumer Behavior


The Tesla automobile can fit into more than one of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. With today’s technology booming into a modern-day Star Trek, owning the latest invention can add to one’s social belonging and self-esteem. Meeting two points of the Hierarchy of Needs, but I believe the car creates the feeling of safety. The safety in driving the car, knowing it could be better for the environment and financial security knowing you would have a reliable way to get to your work. A manual toothbrush would fill an esteem need because of the need for personal hygiene. Subway fits a physiological need because of the need to eat to survive. A pet sitting service fills a social belonging need due to the need to make sure their pet is well taken care of why they are an absentee for a long period away.

A Tesla, toothbrush and pet sitting is informational since it is offering a solution to a problem. The Telsa is offering a solution to the problem of walking or public transportation which takes a lot longer than driving where you need to go. The toothbrush is offering a solution to dirty teeth in a shorter amount of time. Pet sitting is offering the solution to your pet being left unattended for a long period away. While subway is offering transformational motive because it is offering a reward to satisfy hunger.

I believe that the Tesla would be high on the scale in the middle of Q1 and Q2. While the manual toothbrush would be on the Q2, high involvement feeling because of personal hygiene. Subway would be on a Q2 as well, because of the high involvement feel because of eating to survive. While pet sitting could be on also be a Q2, high thinking feels because of their pet’s safety.


According to the text, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a motivational technique that humans utilize based on five stages of events that humans go through out of curiosity. Maslow believes that humans need the motivation to reach the basic daily needs. I agree because the lack of motivation that we have in today’s society shows how one can waste talent and ambition by not being self- motivated. Additionally, the FCB grid is explained in the text as the combination of creative and media outlooks on advertising for the human preference. How consumers feel and think and their involvement of those feelings in connection to the need. The FCB grid shows how those feelings can impact the decision making of the consumer. Below I will select four items from the list and explain what categories they fall in.

1.) Manual Toothbrush: The Hierarchy need is safety or esteem. A clean and healthy mouth is key to overall health which implies the safety aspect of it. Also having a nice smile and fresh breath improves or enhances a person self-esteem when it comes to appearance. On the FCB grid, the involvement would be low because taking care of your teeth is something that is expected.

2.) Life Insurance: The Hierarchy need is safety. Protecting your family from debt or funeral costs in case something were to happen and the informative motive is also clear for it forces humans to know where their health stands and how to prepare for the worse case scenario the right way. This would include high involvement unlike brushing your teeth due to the circumstances of the potential outcome.

3.) Tesla automobile: The Hierarchy need is esteem. An upper tier vehicle such as a Tesla provides image, confidence, and attraction which are all good qualities when referring to esteem. This would include high involvement on the grid because of the rise in status from driving such a vehicle.

4.)Subway Sandwiches: The Hierarchy need is psychological due to the idea of being hungry. When people are hungry the only thing to do is to satisfy that hunger. The involvement would be low due to the difference between feeling hungry and being full.

Weigold, M. F. & Arens, W. F. (2018). M: Advertising (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Irwin/McGraw-Hill.


Communication and consumer behavior

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs show needs that we need to survive food and social needs. I picked subway sandwiches – which are physiological this is something that satisfies our basic food need so we need this . On the FCB grid this is rated a low involvement and IV satisfaction.

Manual toothbrush- This is safety on Maslow and on the FCB grid this is pain free dental care which is informational motive which involves eliminating a problem.

Christmas cards – are social a transformational motive for approval. On the FCB grid a low involvement IV satisfaction so not a high priority on the scale.

Plumbing services something that we need which is think on the FCB grid and a safety need on Maslow . A informational motive something that you need for a problem.

Consumers want the best products to satisfy their needs quickly and inexpensively. Maslow has our needs in the order we need to satisfy our lives. On the top of the scale is our highest priority down to the lowest. Food would be higher than our social skills but we need them to .It is a balance we need to maintain to be well and happy.

Weingold M.F. & Ares W.F. (2018) M. Advertising (3rd ed) New York N.Y. Irwin/ McGraw – Hill
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I enjoyed reading your post, you selected great examples and explained them well.

Subway could be both a social or physiological need, it also falls under low involvement, and falls under satisfaction. Most people are satisfied after eating their products.

Manual toothbrush – need is safety, informational motive – because it eliminates a problem for oral hygiene and

Plumbing services – need is safety – people need plumbing. It is an informational motive because it solves a problem.

Christmas cards – need is social – cards are a great way to show people you care about them. They also fall under a transformation motive – rewards feeling and shows people care. FCB grid is low involvement – satisfaction – who does enjoy getting a card, it makes you happy.