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In this class we will become experts on one Asian country of our choice,, and delve deeper into an issue of importance in that state.. Towards this,, each student will write a research paper on a topic of their choice within ONE Asian country..


1.. To devel op in – depth knowledge on ONE country and investigate ONE key issue face d by the country

2.. Improve your ability to think critically and write effectively on politics surrounding the Asian continent

Select one topic /ccase of interes t to you.. You can choose based on issues in the news or areas you would like to build your knowledge and understanding.. I t would be beneficial (nnot necessary)) to select a topic from among the salient issues facing your country of choice..

Write a 40 00 to 5 000 – word paper (aapprox.. 5 – 6pages single – spaced for un dergraduate students ) or 6 000 to 70 00 word paper (aapprox.. 9 – 10 pages single – spaced for graduate students ) that analyzes your issue and presents findings based on your research.. Your paper MUST pose a research question for investigation . It should also bring evidence to bear on your topic,, and using this evidence,, you should try to answer your research question..

For example,, if I was interested in writing a paper on migration in Myanmar , I would first narrow this topic to a research q uestion:: what role do formal and informal political institutions play in managing the problem of mass migration in Myanmar ? After articulating this question,, I would need to conduct a thorough literature review to understand what factors influence migratio n.. In particular,, I would examine::

a.. What type of research has already been conducted on refugee//mmigration issues,, and people displaced by political factors in particular??

b.. What are some of the themes of this literature?? What are the important theoretical approaches to understand important relationships affecting migration and formal & informal political institutions ?

c.. What are my conclusions,, after having examines all of th e important documents on my topics??

All papers must include the following elements::

1.. An explicit research question stated in the introductory section of your paper

(PPapers that pose analytical research questions as opposed to descriptive resea rch questions are preferable))..

2.. Sections or headings organized to answer your research question.. Papers should consider the following elements::

A.. Introduction

B.. B ackground & Literature Review – De scribe your country and problem or issue of interest.. Also give details on the t heoretical perspec tives (iif appropriate)),, what do we know from previous research and where are the gaps,, how does your paper fit within the larger scholarship

C.. Results,, Discussion and Conclusion (ppossible answers to your question ba sed on your literature review)) and discuss the broader implications of your work (ddiscussion and conclusion)).. You can think of Political / Institutional factors , Cultural Elements , Economic , Societal / Community Aspec ts , International Influences etc..

3.. Citations and Sources (yyou MUST use 15 sources at a minimum,, and at least 8 of these must be drawn from peer reviewed journals ).. Use parenthetical citations when writing your paper (aauthor,, year)) and a standard reference list following a common format at the end of your paper.. Cite adequately and appropriately according to APA or humanities style.. The paper should be typed a nd proofread carefully..

Additional Details::

1.. Papers are due on Sunday Dec 8 by 11::559pm on Blackboard . Late papers will be assessed a penalty of 1//33 of a letter grade per day.. The late penalty be gins on Dec 9 .

2.. All papers must b e typed and single spaced.. Font – Times New Roman,, 12 – point size,, single – spaced with an additional line between paragraphs.. Pa pers should have 1 inch margins.. USE HEADING AND SUB – HEADINGS to help organize your paper and improve the flow of ideas//aarguments..

3.. Papers should be between 5 – 6 pages in length (tthe page limit does not include reference lists))..

4.. Avoid using too many direct quotations in you r paper.. Too many quotes make a paper look weak and disjointed.. Paraphrase and cite properly..

5.. Avoid the passive voice..

6.. Aim for clear,, parsimonious sentence structure.. Be direct and professional in your writing style..

7.. Do not plagiarize!!!! Be VERY carefu l to cite properly other people’s work.. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the complete definition of plagiarism.. Student’s who plagiarize run the risk of failing both the assignment and the class..

8.. Please come to see me if you have questions about your research topic..