I have uploaded the slides which are very important for this assignment as you have to draw information in a way that suits your recruitment and selection plan.

 Recruitment and Selection Plan :

At the end of the term you will be required to hand in a detailed plan for recruiting and selecting employees for a particular job. You may select the job from a list of approved options provided by the professor. The structure of your plan will mimic the flow of the course. For example we cover job analysis, then recruitment, then selection testing. Your plan would therefore include how to conduct a job analysis for this job(which research techniques would be best and why), which of the many recruiting tools to use and why, and what selection tests you will use (including why they would be considered valid), etc. More information on individual sub-sections will be provided at the end of each class. Students who miss this information are responsible for ensuring they are fully aware of assignment requirements.The best way to complete this semester-long project is to workon it each week as we cover the course material. Your plan will be evaluated based on legal defensibility, efficiency, likely impact on the candidate’s perceptionsof the company, and appropriateness for the job under consideration.

 1Term Project Options: Recruitment and Selection PlanSelect ONE of the following jobs for your assignment

?Cab driver OR truck driver (Uber drivers are excluded – do not complete the assignment based on Uber drivers.)

?Line cook at a restaurant (no management/supervisory responsibilities)

?Insurance salesperson (selling life insurance etc. to private families)

?Daycare worker?Computer programmer (no management or supervisory responsibilities)

?Roofer (constructing and fixing roofs)

?Accounts receivable clerk

?Bartender (specify type of establishment)

?House painter (normal residential houses only, no external work in high rises)

?Animal shelter care provider (basic animal care only, no veterinary duties or administrative responsibilities)

?Grocery store cashier

key to Term Assignment:

(these are also mention in slides in the end of almost each slide there are keys and connection to the term assignment and then the whole slide can be used to address the situation)

?This week you should create a section for your final assignment titled “Legal Concerns”. ?Briefly discuss how the legal issues discussed in class relate to the job you selected for your project. For example are there bona fida occupational requirements that would make some forms of discrimination permissible? What are they? Is it a job in which designated groups are often significantly underrepresented? If so, what can you do? Is there any merit to requiring Canadian experience for this particular job? Are there age-based requirements to perform specific tasks associated with the job? Any other special legal concerns?

?You may want to check Manitoba’s OH&S Act (available online) or industry websites to seek out job-specific legal rules. Pilots, for example, require a license and need to submit to regular vision tests in order to maintain their license. People who make and sell processed foods, such as jams and pickles, at Farmer’s Markets need to have a Safe Food Handling certificate. Other jobs may also have special requirements.

?This section of your paper should not exceed 3-4 paragraphs and may be shorter depending on the occupation selected.42Links to Term Assignment

?You do not need to have a separate section about reliability and validity in your report HOWEVER you should be addressing validity and reliability throughout. For example later in the course we will discuss selection tests, interview question design, and screening methods. You will be expected to comment on the reliability and validity of each of these when you write up those sections.

?If it is relevant you should also include a brief description that addresses the vision and mission of the organization. This is not as relevant for some jobs (i.e. truck driver), but is important for others (i.e. bartender – the role will be quite different in a legion frequented by elderly veterans and in a dance club catering to university students, etc.). If you do include this section have it appear at the start of the assignment

Connection to Term Assignment

?Create a section titled “Job Analysis and Competency Models”.

?Outline the method(s) you would use to conduct a job analysis for the job that you selected. Be specific and explain why the methods you selected are superior based on the characteristics of the job. This section should not exceed 3 paragraphs. Remember to be realistic (be aware of typical organizational constraints such as time and cost).

?Create a list of 3 key competencies required for this job. For EACH competency define 4 levels, indicating which level is required in your particular job. Chart form would be appropriate for this. Justify your decisions about the competency level required with a brief explanation.

Assume that you are hiring in Winnipeg (or select your own location and identify where you have selected in your paper)

?Determine the best 2-3 recruitment methods to use for your job. Be specific. For example don’t just say “newspaper advertising”, identify which specific paper you would use and why.

?Justify your decisions based on visibility, efficiency, cost, and probability of success in attracting qualified applicants.

?This section should not exceed 4 paragraphs.42Connection to Term Assignment:

Applicant Screening?How will you screen your job applicants? Be specific. For example if you plan to use resumes how would you screen and score them? If you plan to use application blanks what would you ask about and why? What are the top 3 questions that you would ask the candidate’s references?

?For most jobs this section should require half a page to a page (single spaced, 12 point font).

Connection to Term Assignment

?What testing, if any, is suitable for this job and why?

?Why would the tests you propose be valid? (Refer to both content and criterion validity in your response). Remember that you need to be mindful of cost and efficiency too!

?For most of you this section should require roughly ½ to ¾ of a page (12 point font, single-spaced

Outline what interview strategy you will use and why. Include the following information:?How many interviews will you use and what is the purpose of each one (screening or selection)?

?What type of interviews will you conduct and who will participate in each one? (i.e. structured or unstructured, panel or sequential, HR and/or line managers, etc.)

?Provide 5 sample questions from your interview and explain why you are asking each one.

?Explain how you will score candidates for each interview question.

U need a separate section addressing decision making. What decision making model will you use and why? How will you calculate final scores? Will you use weighting? If so, what weighting will you use and why? Will you use a top-down or band approach and why? This section should be between 2-4 paragraphs.

What would be a suitable way to evaluate performance of your job? What type of rating system will you use, who will conduct the evaluations, and what performance dimensions will you measure? Explain you answer in 2-3 paragraphs.