1.What is the Rules Committee in the House?

a. It is the committee that decides what rules are for the conferences between the House and Senate.

b. This committee is run by the Speaker and decides whether a bill handled in committees with come to the floor.

c. This committee is controlled by the Speaker and Minority Leader, and it decides how the two major parties will vote on a bill.

d. All of these.

2.In terms of foreign policy and war powers, presidents find in the Constitution that they have

a. A great deal of power.

b. Some power but very restricted by Congress.

c. A great deal of power in time of declared war but much less in time of peace.

d. More power in foreign policy and less war power.

3.According to the author of this unit Kathleen Dolan, why did the Framers design such a difficult process of lawmaking?

a. To allow the president greater informal power over law making.

b. Law making was not intended to be difficult; political parties made it difficult.

c. To make sure the Constitution could not be changed easily.

d. So that change could not be made too easily or abruptly.

4.The Supreme CourtÂ’s decision on same-sex marriage is an example of

a. A misapplication of the 4th Amendment.

b. A near unanimous agreement regarding the extension of the 14th Amendment.

c. A close decision regarding the constitutional application of the 14th Amendment.

d. A close application of the 14th Amendment.

5.The Supreme Court oath is a religious oath by the requirement of the Constitution.


6.The US Supreme Court has ruled that gerrymandering is unconstitutional.


7.What is a bill?

a. A failed piece of legislation.

b. A legislative proposal that only originates out of the White House

.c. A piece of legislation moving through Congress.

d. A petition by a citizen to his or her member of Congress.

8.What are the foreign policy powers of Congress?

a. Consent to the approval of treaties.

b. Consent to the appointment of the Secretary of State.

c. Consent to the appointment of ambassadors to foreign countries.

d. All of these.