Stakeholders Register Analysis on Clothes R Us Case

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Stakeholders Register Analysis on Clothes R Us Case


The clothes R Us was a leading apparel retailer in United States that implemented point of sales (POS) technology software in order to avoid duplication of task and allow store manager save more time instead of dedicating more time to reconcile books of sales and other accounts such as creditors accounts (Jeffery, Norton, Yung, & Gershbeyn, 2017). The project involves various stakeholders that have a direct impact on project implementation. The key stakeholder noted in the stakeholder register analysis includes team members who may include employees from product development departments and other selected team member from other departments. The project team member plays an active role in project implementation.

The management may include functional departments and direct management. Functional management includes the manager responsible for implementing decision while direct management includes product management managers. The product manager plays active roles in assigning duties and roles to employees. Other key stakeholder includes vendors who may include consultant hired to guide product managers in the process of product development. The fundamental department may include accounting departments which are responsible for planning and forecasting for the cost of new software implementation. The human resource department has to provide staffs with the right skills that would help toward project implementation.

The human resource department has to focus on the number of staffs that would be hired temporarily to help in the software implementation. The consultant team is still under the management of the human resources department. Therefore the cost of labor and other benefits that would be received by employees would be determined by the human resources department. The engineering department may include information system experts and databases administrator responsible for maintaining data. The POS software will be updated using the original codes used in the previous version of POS. This means that this department would have a huge influence on the implementation of the new or updated POS.

The stockholder is directly involved in the project because they provide funding for the project. The communication method that is used to disseminate information to key stakeholder includes email, hardcopy, and stockholder meeting which is convened annually to inform stockholder on various investments and strategies the organization plans to undertake. The following represents a diagram of the communication channel.

QSO 340 Assign:This milestone should be the part of the final prject and should be done based on case study:"Clothes R Us". For this part of the final project, you will be given a scenario in which yo 1

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The stakeholders are differentiated based on the level of influence they exert to the project implementation and level of interest they have. The key stakeholders include project team, management, owners for example stockholder and venture capital, fundamental team that include accounting, information and technology departments, Human resource departments and all have high interest and influence in the project. If this stakeholder are not well involved during project planning then the project may not go as planned. The customers have some influence on the project because any project undertaken by an organization is implemented with customer need and taste in mind.

In this case customers have some influence on the new software implementation but their interest is low. The channel of communication used includes emails, meeting, and hardcopy. The email is send to the receiver is encoded and receiver reply back based on the information receives. The information expected by key stakeholder is different from the information expected by other stakeholders. For example, based on the case, the project team and product manager will assign the task to employees so what the employees expect is instruction while the management expects feedback on project progress. The other stakeholders that are not directly involved in the POS project implementation expect the status of the project. The communication challenges may arise when the message is not understood or when there is an error on the recipient details.

This means that the information may go to the wrong receiver. In order to ensure the communication between project flows seamlessly to team members, the project managers can use winning platform known as Wrike that allow collaboration through built-in messaging, live activity stream, email integration, and calendar synchronization. The agile project methodology can be collaborated with Microsoft project features to enable communication with the team. The features in Microsoft tool may help team member to be able to access their desktop through their mobile phones, retrieve information and forward it to other team members (Ahuja, Yang, & Shankar, 2009). The Wrike and Agile in Microsoft project would help avoid challenges face in the communication and ensures the information reaches the team members on time.

PMI (Project Management Institute®)

The key areas in the project management knowledge area help to achieve efficient project management. Based on the case of clothes R Us, the integration management knowledge area is well applied in the project implementation. This is because while designing for software’s implementation aspect of planning, directing and managing project work is done as well as monitoring and controlling project work. The scope management knowledge area based on the cases is applied when the product manager has to monitor and control the process group. The schedule management knowledge area focuses on monitoring and controlling process group. In this knowledge area, there must be proper planning, defining of activities, estimating resources and control schedule (Hwang, & Ng, 2013).

The implementation of the new program require product manager to assign duties and roles to project team and estimates the cost and resource to be used in the software implementation even though the firm was to use the code of the previous version of POS. The cost management areas entail planning on cost management, estimating cost, determining the budget and controlling cost. This area of knowledge in project management is also applied in the case study on clothing R. U.s. The project manager applied quality management knowledge planning on when to check errors in the last phases of project implementation. The resource management knowledge area is also applied to manage the product manager and project team.

The project manager also planned on the communication management to be applied to the project team. The risk management knowledge area was not effectively applied because if it was applied well then it means that the issues of losing product manager to software vendor would not have been experienced. The project management area on procurement and stakeholder management was not applied well. The stakeholder management area, the risk management, cost management and communication management areas if this area was successfully implemented the issues of losing product manager to rival software vendor would not have being experience because there would be proper planning on cost, communication, and aspect of mitigating risk associated with the product and lose of project team.