The question your paper seeks to answer is: what is the most significant even OR moment OR experience in Twentieth-century European history?

what in your mind defines the twentieth century? what event of moment shaped European society in the 20th century and fundamentally impacted or transformed the course of European History? Feel free to be creative and choose something that resonated or stood out for you.

In the paper, you will need an intro paragraph that explains and contextualize the event. However, the bulk of the paper should focus on the impact of this event and why you have deemed it “the most significant.” Providing a simple narrative of the event of moment you have chosen will not suffice; rather, you must analyze the event and its implications and legacies for modern European history. In other words, your essay must be analytical rather than descriptive. avoid counterfactual history and “what is” speculation. instead, focus on what did happen and what the event, moment or experience brought in its wake.


Some questions to think about:
• What was the impact of the event? What were its aftereffects?

• How did it change, alter or affect the larger trajectory of the twentieth century?

• How does it represent or symbolize the twentieth century?

The bibliography for your paper must include at least five scholarly academic sources that are relevant** to the topic.

* An academic source includes peer-reviewed books or articles written by scholars.
Internet sources like Wikipedia or generic sources of information like encyclopedias are
not acceptable for use in this assignment.
** “Relevant” means that the source should be written by a scholar in the field and be in a
publication related to the field. For example, if you are writing a paper on the Nuremberg
Laws, choosing an article on the Nuremberg Laws from the Journal of Agricultural History is not the best choice and suggests that you only did a very cursory search.

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